Skills training and support

Reseller support

Advanced support for resellers is provided free of charge through the XpressDox forum, or alternatively via telephone when necessary. Resellers are expected to appoint a central contact person to liaise with XpressDox staff.

Reseller training

Since most resellers are already well versed in the use of document drafting software, very little training is generally required. There are also a number of support resources available to resellers, including context-sensitive help, wizards, and examples in the Template Author’s Toolkit. Sample templates also ship with the product.

Should any reseller require one-on-one training, this may be provided online at an agreed time.


Resellers are required to demonstrate their competency with XpressDox Docussembly™ by providing an advanced template, created in XpressDox, for scrutiny. A reseller agreement must be signed between XpressDox and each reseller.

All certified resellers will be listed on the XpressDox web site.

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