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XpressDox runs on Microsoft Word or the Web.  All templates are authored/developed using Microsoft Word for Windows, but templates can run in Word, or on any modern browser including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

XpressDox Document Automation

Trusted Document Automation Software

With over 300 products to choose from, choosing the best document automation software for your firm or business is not easy. Here’s what you should consider before you make your purchase decision:
Runs on Microsoft Word
XpressDox supports all newer versions of Microsoft Word for Windows, including Office 365. The system also creates Word documents on most browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari, and for web-implementations the XpressDox Server may be hosted on-premise or in the Cloud.
Built on the latest technologies
XpressDox is built on the latest technologies using proven best practices, ensuring that it will continue to function for many years into the future, protecting your investment. It also means that XpressDox will integrate with almost all other applications and technologies on the market.
Foreign language support
Although Interview field names in XpressDox templates may be in almost any language, XpressDox provides full authoring functionality in English and French as standard.
Single template works on all platforms
Once the template has been authored using Microsoft Word for Windows, the same template will run on all current versions of Word – even on a Mac, as well as any browsers, tablet computers, in the Cloud, or on your Intranet. This saves a significant amount of authoring time.
XpressDox is the fastest system on the market
XpressDox is the fastest system on the market, especially when it comes to reading data from external sources such as databases, accounting and CRM systems. It also assembles long documents much faster than any other system on the market.
Easy conversion from other document automation systems
XpressDox includes a powerful and flexible template conversion utility which converts most HotDocs®, GhostFill® and Word merge templates to XpressDox format. It is even possible to teach the converter any unrecognised commands which will be remembered for future conversions.

Great client references

XpressDox is used by law firms and corporations of all sizes, from single practitioners, through SME firms and businesses, to the very largest law firms and corporations worldwide.

Extensive support

In addition to extensive help on the website, XpressDox also offers video-based tutorials and a number of how-to guides in the help section. Support is also available from XpressDox or from one of the XpressDox Certified Partners worldwide.


We are constantly improving XpressDox and adding exciting new functionality. A great example of this is our new client-facing interviews module which allows you to share interviews with your client via email.
XpressDox has been on the market for over 13 years now, with thousands of customers worldwide. Our products cater for almost any document automation requirement imaginable, with options for Word Desktop, Web/Cloud, or even integration with third party applications or websites. Our unconditional 3-month money back guarantee proves how confident we are that our product will work for your needs.


Download a copy of our brochure on the range of XpressDox Products

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