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—Seth Rowland, Basha Systems

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XpressDox Desktop for Microsoft® Office Word is the most affordable document assembly system on the market. Use it to author templates that make producing accurate documents a breeze. Improve your efficiency and effectiveness, and ensure documents conform to your organization’s standards. The result? Faster, more accurate documents—time and time and time again.

A simple yet powerful template authoring tool

Simple yet powerful template authoringXpressDox Desktop is an add in to Microsoft® Office Word 2003 or newer. Templates and data are stored using Word 2003 XML to ensure compatibility with other systems. In addition to Word, documents can be generated in PDF format for even more portability.

XpressDox Desktop may be used to run local or shared templates across your organization as well.

Extensive help is given to template authors. To create a template, experienced authors can simply type commands and functions directly into a Word document. These commands and functions include those for every document automation, advanced, and programmer–type document assembly task you may need.

Inexperienced template authors may find it easier to access the power of XpressDox through the Command Editor, which presents the syntax, as well as samples and wizards, for each command or function. Pressing F1 in the Desktop accesses the extensive help on this web site.

When a template is run, an Interview is generated automatically. XpressDox allows template authors to make interviews as easy as possible for users to complete, with features like user help, captions, tabs, headings and footings, validation rules, and conditional display.

Which advanced features are available to me?

With XpressDox, you also get:

  • Supervisor Controls that govern authoring rights, where files are stored, and other configuration options.
  • Internal and external Email Routing of completed documents.
  • Native Data Source compatibility, including SQL Server, ODBC–compliant databases, MySQL, Microsoft Office data sources like Access, Excel, and Outlook, XML, and text files. In addition, when running templates you can choose to capture new data, re–use recently captured data, or use previously captured data.
  • Multi–Language Authoring including English (US and GB), and French.

Use the powerful conversion utilities built in to XpressDox to automatically convert templates authored in other systems like HotDocs® and GhostFill®, to XpressDox!

What am I buying when I purchase XpressDox Desktop?

You’re buying a user license—an outright and once–off purchase price—for the current version of the Desktop, including free updates to that version for as long as that version is supported by us.

And what does a ‘user’ mean? A user is someone who saves and/or runs templates from their work station at the office.

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Some of the ways our customers use XpressDox

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Precedents and templates for law firm fee earners

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Contracts, proposals, tenders, and letters for in–house counsel

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Compliant lending documents for bankers and lenders

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Complex documents and contracts for financial brokers

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Compliant policy documents for insurers and underwriters

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NDAs and contracts for sales administrators

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Tender and other procurement documents for procurement administrators

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Request documents, contracts, and agreements for Government officers

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