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Most Often Used Commands

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Most Often Used Commands

Learning XpressDox is a bit like learning a new language. It takes a little practice (and patience) to become fluent. The great news is that in this language, you only need about 25 words (commands) to speak the language!


Here are a few of the most often used commands:

Command Name


Description and Examples

Set the caption for the data element on the interview screen
«Caption(Amount,Capital amount of loan)»


Places a control for the data element on the interview screen


Specify whether a repeater should be displayed in a grid on the interview


Convert to UPPER case «ToUpper(Name)»
Convert to lower case «ToLower(Name)»
Convert to Sentence case «ToSentence(Surname)»
Convert to Title Case «ToTitle(BookTitle)»


Choose a value using a check box


Provide a comment inside the template which is not visible on either the interview or the assembled document
«Comment(A note reminding the template author)»


Define the interview properties of a data element
«Define(Title,^biu^@Red@Title of the party,|^b^@Navy@PARTY DETAILS,,Contact Information,ChooseFromList,;Mr.;Mrs.;Ms.;Dr.;Prof.)»



Convert a numeric value into the Dollar currency



Repeat text and data elements for a number of data elements
«FirstName» «LastName»


Format a field as a date and/or time.


Define a number format according to the user’s region


Place heading text above a data element in the interview, and footing text below a data element.
«Heading(CompanyName,|^bu^@Navy@COMPANY DETAILS)»
«Footing(CompanyName, )»



Conditionally include or exclude text into the document
«If(Answer = 'No')»text when Answer is 'No'«End(If)»

«If(Answer = 'Yes')»text when Answer is 'Yes'«Else()»text when Answer is not 'Yes'«End(If)»

«If((Answer = 'Yes') or (Answer = 'Maybe') and (Amount > 500))»«End()»


Include a different template as part of this template


Insert text which was captured as long text



Drop down list:
«ChooseFromList(Province,Ontario,Quebec,British Columbia,Alberta,Manitoba,Saskatchewan,Nova Scotia,New Brunswick,Newfoundland and Labrador,Prince Edward Island)»

Samples, along with option for user to type their own:

Radio button list:


Mark one or more data elements on the interview as required



Arrange data elements in tabs on the interview
«Tab(Financial Information,Capital,InterestRate,InterestDate,AmountPaid)»


Insert the current date into the assembled document


Set variable values in the template with SetV (or SetVr), and get the values with GetV.
«SetVr('Balance',GetV('Balance') + RenderAsNumeric(Amount))»


Conditionally include small text values
«When(Gender = 'Male',he,she)»
«When(count(Child) = 1,child,children)»