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This command is used in conjunction with CaptureInGrid when there are too many elements inside the repeat for all of them to be displayed as a grid, but it is also not desirable to display the repeat in the traditional way.


Command structure:



Although there is an argument to be made that grids should be used only when the repeater contains fewer data elements, an expanded view of a repeating grid item is available, which shows the controls in a vertical layout, one under the other. This means, amongst others, that controls need not be restricted in width. (In the Desktop version of XpressDox, the <Right-Click> menu has an Expanded View entry).

Because the space available for the data elements in a grid is limited by the width of the particular screen, it is possible to exclude some of the repeater items from the grid. This could be done using the ExcludeFromIV command, but that would exclude the data element(s) from the entire interview. For this reason the ExcludeFromGrid command was introduced, so that data elements could be excluded from the grid view but nonetheless will display in the expanded view.

Note that the ExcludeFromGrid command should be inside the ForEach command.


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