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Secure, customizable document automation servers. With customizable components created to work together seamlessly. Integrates easily with databases, web services, and other APIs. Designed for fast and easy deployment.

XpressDox Document Automation

Secure, Customizable Document Automation Servers

XpressDox Servers are proven as the industry-leader in secure document automation. Our servers and software are designed for fast and easy deployment, can be Cloud-hosted or on-premise, are secure, and can be efficiently customized to your unique requirements.
We host the XpressDox Cloud Servers at various Microsoft Azure facilities across the world, as well as at Hetzner in Germany. All XpressDox hosted services are compliant with regulations guaranteeing that personally identifiable data is adequately protected.
XpressDox servers include native data source compatibility, including SQL Server, ODBC–compliant databases, MySQL, Microsoft Office data sources such as Access, Excel, and Outlook, XML, text files and applications such as Salesforce.

Which Server do I need?

The XpressDox WinAuth server is always hosted on-premise and it uses Microsoft Windows Active Directory to authenticate users. The major advantage is that permissions are inferred from AD, which makes management easier.
The XpressDox Integration server can be hosted on the XpressDox Cloud, on-premise, or with your own Cloud hosting provider. User authentication is managed in XpressDox or via Azure AD. If you require the XpressDox API, or if you want to integrate interviews into your website, you will need the Integration server.

Windows Authentication Server

Uses Microsoft Windows Active Directory for authentication and user-management. Only available for On-premise deployment. Includes XpressDox File Explorer for template and data management. Typically used for medium to large enterprises which use Active Directory.

Cloud Integration Server (API)

Uses Microsoft Azure AD or Login/Password for authentication and user-management. Available for On-premise or Cloud-hosted deployment. Includes XpressDox File Explorer for template and data management. Often used for integration with websites or third-party applications or services.

Server functionality at a glance

XpressDox Document Automation

Same template runs on the Desktop and the Web

XpressDox Document Automation

Manage users and access permissions

XpressDox Document Automation

Share interviews with external users or clients

XpressDox Document Automation

Integrates with most databases, Salesforce

XpressDox Document Automation

Integrate interviews with your website

XpressDox Document Automation

Includes XpressDox File Explorer UI

XpressDox Document Automation

Theme interviews to match corporate ID

XpressDox Document Automation

Data encrypted during transport and at rest

XpressDox Document Automation

Auto delete data and documents from server

Please note that XpressDox Servers are all Run-Only, so templates still need to be created in Microsoft Word for Windows. Templates are then uploaded or saved to the XpressDox Server.

Which hosting option is right for you?

On-Premise Servers

XpressDox Windows Authentication servers enable you to securely share configuration, brand and templates across your enterprise using Windows Active Directory to control user, folder and file access rights.

Own hosted servers are popular with firms or businesses that are not comfortable hosting their data in the Cloud. Also, firms that will be importing data into documents from other in-house applications favor on-premise servers because they don’t allow external access to their domain.

Finally, firms with large IT departments that have the skills to manage in-house servers also choose on-premise servers, although many large firms are now realizing that outsourcing the hosting of their servers makes good business sense.

Cloud Hosted Servers

A perfect option for those who need to get going quickly, don’t want to manage yet another server, or need a document automation server for development and testing.

XpressDox Cloud Hosted Servers are hosted with Microsoft Azure in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, Hetzner in Germany, and Teraco in South Africa. Servers all have geo-redundancy and are backed up daily. Data is never stored outside the country in which the server is located.

XpressDox Cloud-hosted servers are ideal for secure app-to-server document automation integration to your websites, web apps and mobile apps.

Hosted servers come with a user interface built in, as well as access to the XpressDox API*, offering you additional functionality. (*API included on all Server subscription plans of 50 users or more.)

Access to XpressDox Cloud is via login and password or via Azure AD, with point to point encryption over https and optional encryption at rest, ensuring that your templates are completely private and secure. Administrators can add and disable users, configure settings, and even change the theme or add a logo to the user interface.