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XpressDox software delivers powerful and flexible functionality to enable you to create sophisticated templates, design beautiful interviews and automate your documents quickly and efficiently.


Our intuitive automation logic gives you all the flexibility you need to create beautiful, custom designed interviews that can be easily shared with your clients and users.

Cloud / On Premise Hosted

Choose the most appropriate hosting option for your specific needs that allows XpressDox to seamlessly merge with your existing technology environment.

XpressDox API

Our powerful API and comprehensive development kit enable you to access document automation functionality directly from your .NET, Web (websites and web applications), and MS Word applications to produce powerful document–rich solutions.

Data Sources

Easily use and reuse information from popular data sources like SQL Server, Excel and Access to pull and push data to and from multiple data sources in an automated and integrated way.

File Systems

XpressDox integrates with a range of file systems enabling you to work in an environment you are familiar with to easily manage and access your templates and documents.

Digital Signatures

XpressDox makes it easy for firms to create document templates that include any number of signature points.


XpressDox templates can securely read and write data to and from Salesforce in seconds when generating documents.

Advanced Security

Industry best practices employed across the product lifecycle to give you absolute peace of mind about the protection of all your information.

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