XpressDox API

Our powerful API enables you to access XpressDox document automation functionality from third party applications

Powerful XpressDox API

Our powerful API and comprehensive development kit enable you to access XpressDox document automation functionality easily to produce powerful document–rich solutions.

XpressDox RESTFul API

XpressDox API for .Net

XpressDox-in-Word API

Benefits from using XpressDox API

Access XpressDox document automation functionality easily from a range of third party applications and your website to streamline your document generation.

  • Save Time & Re-use Data Speed up your creation of documents by using data from your own applications or other data sources to populate templates, and re-use data across multiple interviews for greater accuracy.
  • Streamline Workflows Seamlessly integrate the document automation process within your other systems, such as DMSs, CRMs, databases, and other third party applications for improved efficiency.
  • Improve Accuracy Reduce the risk of errors associated with manual data entry by fully integrating your systems and workflows to improve accuracy in generating documents.
  • Customizability of Processes Customize your document automation process to match your specific requirements by defining rules and logic to dynamically control the flow of the document based on data inputs.

XpressDox RESTful API

XpressDox offers both cloud and self-hosted servers that come equipped with the XpressDox RESTful API. This API allows you to easily navigate through folders and files, transfer data, assemble documents, and retrieve completed documents.


In addition to these features, the API also supports file upload, download, and deletion functions, giving you greater flexibility and control over your document assembly process.

XpressDox-in-Word API

With XpressDox, you can automate tasks in Microsoft Word using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The API Specification document, called "XpressDox in Word API Specification.doc," is included with XpressDox and is installed in the MyDocuments/XpressDox folder the first time you load MS Word after installing XpressDox.


Inside the Word template, you'll find several VBA macros that show how to use some of the XpressDox-in-Word API functions within a VBA macro.

XpressDox .NET SDK

With the XpressDox Engine API, .NET developers can create applications that gather data from multiple sources, select templates to merge, and use the API to merge the data into templates. This API can retrieve templates from various locations and can integrate with other systems such as accounting, practice management, and workflow software.


Although MS Word is necessary for authoring templates and rendering merged documents, it is not required for merging data and templates. The XpressDox Engine API is included in the .NET assemblies installed with the Word Add-in version of XpressDox.

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