Engagement Letters for Law Firms

Engagement letters for law firms

Why you need an Engagement Letter system

In today's world of risk and compliance, slow payment by clients, ever-changing scope of work, and increasingly high costs of unbillable work, law firms need to ensure that their business relationship with new clients is clear.

The XpressDox Engagement Letter solution does exactly that, producing professional and compliant engagement letters in no time at all. Designed in conjunction with a leading UK law firm, the XpressDox Engagement Letter system not only protects your firm, it also conveys a professional image to your clients.

Less time on non–billable work.

Fee earners need technology to help them work smarter and more productively. The less time they spend on non–billable work the better. This is where XpressDox Engagement Letters comes in:

  • Multiple parties. Easily deal with clients comprised of multiple parties, such as married couples, shareholders and business partnerships. Select which of these have the authority to bind the others.
  • Exclusions. Select which categories of advice to specifically exclude for each engagement.
  • Fee arrangements. Structure fees in five different ways including estimates, initial caps and fixed fee arrangements. Selectively request Costs on Account amounts as required.
XpressDox enables you to work smarter
XpressDox enables brand compliance

Legal and brand compliance.

Apart from legal compliance many firms still struggle with letterhead standardisation with hundreds of letterheads in operation. Here’s how XpressDox can help:

  • Lead lawyer and team. Assign the legal team for each engagement and the correct contact details and references will be included for you automatically.
  • No more cutting and pasting. Use XpressDox to produce your Engagement Letters. You will save time, and because you no longer have to cut and paste from previous letters, potential embarrassment too.
  • One letterhead. Use one letterhead so that brand, styles, and contact details are correct firm wide.

End–to–end solution.

XpressDox Engagement Letters easily integrates with your back end systems to maximise your fee earners’ mobility and minimise errors. It is Bring–Your–Own–Device enabled too for maximum compatibilty with any device.

  • Run from anywhere. XpressDox Engagement Letters is a cloud–based solution that can be accessed from anywhere. For a fee earner on the road, at home, or in the office, this solution is a real time saver.
  • Robust terms of engagement. A tried and tested Terms of Engagement accompanies each engagement letter to give you the best start at a successful client relationship.

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