Using Your Salesforce Data in Microsoft Word

Using Your Data in Microsoft Word

Stop waiting. Start selling.

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Store all data in

In today’s competitive business environment your sales people can’t wait for information. If they do you can bet your customers are waiting too. Here are 3 simple ways to eliminate waiting:

  • Store data in one place. There should be no reason you have customer information replicated outside of Once the data exists in it is available to users in Word via XpressDox so that letters, quotes, and contracts can be produced in seconds.
  • Capture all data. Make sure all prospect and customer information is captured to With a complete data set to choose from your sales people will not waste time searching for information.
  • Lessen data leakage risks. With all prospect and customer information securely stored in, not on laptops and other mobile devices, intentional and unintentional data leakage is minimized. with Word integration by XpressDox means no retyping of information

Avoid retyping and duplicate records.

Sales reps and managers are already working long, hard hours. They need technology to help them work smarter and more productively. Look here for quick productivity gains:

  • Avoid retyping information. Retyping information already captured in is an absolute no–no. XpressDox can automatically include customer information in correspondence so no data needs to be retyped.
  • Merge duplicate records. When prospecting plays a big part in filling the sales funnel, you end up with multiple records for a single prospect. Merge and discard duplicates relentlessly.

Enforce standards compliance.

Many companies still struggle with letterhead standardization with hundreds of letterheads in operation. Here’s how XpressDox can help eliminate wasted time caused by wrong stationery:

  • One letterhead. Use one letterhead so that brand, styles, and contact details are correct across your entire organization.
  • Customized contact details. Ideal for multi-office and international companies, XpressDox creates the correct contact details and references for any document.
  • Repetitive tasks. Set XpressDox to work by automating your repetitive tasks, like billing or new customer welcome letters for example.
XpressDox enables you to produce 100%–compliant documents in seconds

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