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A fear of apples

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A fear of apples

In a recent post author and agent of change Seth Godin describes how, in our industrialized world, people become fearful of all sorts of things, even apples. They’re afraid to buy the wrong kind, to make a purchasing mistake, or “some kind of pie mistake,” Seth says.

“People are afraid of tax accountants, iPods, chiropractors, non-profits, insurance brokers and fancy hotels. They’re afraid of anything with too many choices, too many opportunities to look foolish or to waste time or money.”

At your own pace

It could be that you’re afraid to try document assembly for similar reasons. Perhaps you don’t know what it is or you’re afraid to waste your time and money. Here are some reasons why trying XpressDox  document assembly software shouldn’t raise your anxiety level:

  1. You’re welcome to try a full product version of XpressDox for free for 90 days.
  2. Because your trial version is not constrained by features (and is available for a long time), you can evaluate it at your own pace.
  3. XpressDox installs on your PC, so you don’t need server infrastructure knowledge (or permission) to use it.
  4. XpressDox presents as an add-in to Microsoft® Office Word, so if you’re familiar with word processing you’ll feel right at home with this document assembly software.
  5. In 5 minutes you can be filling your own simple templates, and move on to more complex document assembly applications as your trust and confidence grows.
  6. And if you decide to use XpressDox commercially, you’ll find it great value for money.
  7. Plus you can use all the trial templates you’ve created, which means the time you spent evaluating XpressDox is not wasted.

So while you may be spoilt for choice at your local produce market, you should be in no doubt about trying XpressDox  document assembly software. There’s nothing to fear.