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6 ways to find help fast

Document Assembly / Getting Started

6 ways to find help fast

If ever you get stuck in XpressDox document assembly software and don’t know what to do, please remember that help is always close at hand. Here are 6 ways you can get help when you’re using XpressDox:

1. Command Editor. When you’re authoring templates the Command Editor is an ideal resource to consult.

From the XpressDox ribbon or toolbar click on the Commands button to access the Command Editor. Once you have located the command you require, double click on it to insert an example of the command in the template you’re working on. Simple!

And if you’d like to customize the commands with your own data element names before you insert them into your template, there are a number of wizards in the Command Editor to help you through the process.

2. Web Site Help. Press the Help button at any time and a search dialog will appear. Type in the name of the command you require more information on. Or else select a command in the Command Editor and press F1. In both cases you’ll be linked directly to the extensive reference material and help available on the XpressDox web site.

3. Frequently Asked Questions.If you have a more general question, the FAQ section is ideal place to find an answer.

4. Forum. XpressDox runs a support forum where users of XpressDox document assembly software can ask for help on specific issues, and members of the community can answer. This is a great way to tap into the wisdom of the XpressDox community.

By the way, you don’t need to register on the forum before you’re allowed to post your question, but it would be great for the rest of the community if you did.

5. Sample templates. Sample templates, data sources, and configuration options have been installed in the My Documents\XpressDox\Samples folder and are intended to show some of the capabilities and features of XpressDox™.

6. Email. And if you couldn’t be bothered with any of this, you’re welcome to send us an email and we’ll answer you just as soon as (super-)humanly possible!

So, although we hope you’re never stuck when using XpressDox document assembly software, if ever you are please remember there are many ways to find help fast!.