TechnoLawyer Review of XpressDox

TechnoLawyer BigLaw review: A+ rating 5 out of 5

“XpressDox is excellent”

First perfect A+ TechnoScore

Leading enterprise document assembly system, XpressDox, was recently awarded an A+ TechnoLawyer review rating. The independent review was conducted by Matthew Berg, the Director of Information Technology at Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, a leading IP firm in Boston, US. “XpressDox is excellent. It is so good that it has earned my very first perfect A+ TechnoScore (5 out of 5). It’s the most robust document assembly product I have seen,” said Berg.

XpressDox eliminates retyping
XpressDox integrates with leading databases like Elite to enable data re–use

Increase profitability

Law firms are constantly looking for ways in which to increase their bottom line. Implementing Document Assembly is without question the single most effective way of achieving that. Put simply, document assembly allows users to re–use knowledge and data, so that they can produce documents faster, and with fewer errors.

Firms benefit from using XpressDox

Some lawyers believe that document assembly is only suited for ‘sausage–machine’ type of work, such as Conveyancing, or Collections. “That’s not true,” says Chris Pearson, CEO of XpressDox. “In fact, the biggest gain from document assembly is where the general office correspondence is automated, since these documents are produced most often,” he adds.

And there are other benefits too:

  • With XpressDox document assembly, the firm has only a single letterhead, which means that changes are quick and easy to make. “We are always amazed at how many law firms internationally still send out letters with deceased (or departed) partners still listed in the footer. That is because secretaries invariably copy and paste onto old letters which are stored on their local hard drives.”
  • Another benefit is that completed documents can automatically be saved to the network, ensuring that they are backed up properly.
  • Also, all letters and documents follow the company image and brand rules, ensuring professional and accurate documents are produced every time.

“Since inception we have offered XpressDox on an outright purchase or a monthly rental model. This means that firms do not have to spend large sums of money to implement document assembly,” says Pearson.

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