Version 14

A completely new user interface for Desktop and Web complimented by exciting new features and more intuitive functionality makes version 14 an even more powerful and flexible document automation solution.

Single interview for Desktop and Web

Both the Desktop and Web user interface have been completely redesigned to create a single view of your interviews making it easier to work across both environments.

New ribbon and navigation

The XpressDox ribbon navigation has been redesigned giving you a more streamlined view of the functionality and making it easier access to your most often used functions.

New Question

Add and format all types of questions quickly and easily with a simple-to-use editing pane with the new Question function.

If Block

Inserting conditional logic and relevance of questions into your interviews more easier and more straightforward with the new If Block function.

Repeater Question

Create custom lists with any number of items relevant to your interview for repeating data which you can access quickly with the new Repeater Question function.

Manage Interview

Sequence and group fields in your interview with greater speed, efficiency and flexibility with the new Manage Interview function.

Low Code and Full Code in a Single Product

The New Question function gives beginners a low code interface for creating their own templates quickly and easily, while experienced coders and template developers can access the Command Assistant with over 300 commands to author their templates.

Side panels make authoring templates faster

Innovative new side panels have been developed to make it easier for you to author your templates, and their responsive design and moveability around the screen gives you the flexibility to work on any device efficiently.

Manage Interview

A new Manage Interview function enables you to structure the flow and define the order of questions in your interview giving you the flexibility to create user friendly interviews in real time.

Assemble templates to Outlook

Sharing documents is now even easier with the ability to choose to assemble your templates to an Outlook email, and automatically populate recipients and subject line detail from information captured in the interview.

Enhanced DocuSign Integration

Add e-signatures and initial points to your document templates more efficiently with our enhanced DocuSign integration, which also enables prompts, signing priority and previews possible for more efficient workflow.

Save automatically to document management

Auto-name and auto-save assembled documents and data on the fly directly into the document management or file system of your choice.

The web interface has been redesigned.

A completely redesigned Web user interface provides a more modern, intuitive and efficient environment for you to run your templates and manage your documents.

Auto-Save Data

Enhanced functionality enables data to be auto-saved and makes it possible to be reloaded when running an interview that was not previously assembled.

Add folders and templates to favorites

Accessing your templates and folders is made more efficient with the ability to add individual templates, as well as Folders, to your favorites.

The new innovation leaders for advanced document automation

Experience Version 14 Now

Simply download v14 and start authoring your new and existing templates. It’s designed to be 100% backward compatible enabling you to roll back at any time. 

Switch between UI views

It’s simple to switch UI views between your current version and the new v14. This allows you to experience v14 but still have the flexibility to revert to your existing view if you want. 

We are always here to help

We’d love to show you all the great new functionality in v14. If you’d like to schedule a demonstration, or if you just want to have a short discussion, please email us.