XpressDox Meets Your Document Assembly Needs

Whether you’re a basic Microsoft® Office Word user or an advanced programmer, XpressDox will meet your Docussembly™ needs.

For example, to create an XpressDox template, simply open an existing document, or type one from scratch. Then mark words or phrases that change in different conditions. Save your document as a template, and run it. XpressDox will do everything else for you.

It’s comprehensively simple!

Because XpressDox is so easy to use, you can be up and running with your own templates in a matter of minutes.

And if you want to create more comprehensive templates, XpressDox includes a Template Author’s Toolkit which will assist you adding more advanced commands to your templates.

For example, XpressDox has commands for calculations, date capture, logic, lookup lists, formatting, etc. In fact, you’ll find most, if not all document template commands you can think of in XpressDox. And if that’s not enough, you can integrate XpressDox with virtually any database, or you can even create your own case management system using XpressDox’s powerful and flexible command language.

XpressDox comes standard with productivity tools

Another aspect which sets XpressDox apart from the competition is that it comes standard with a number of productivity tools.

For example, a numbers-to-words utility which allows users to convert a number or currency amount in a document into words, and a clause library so that users can add standard clauses to a document.

There is also a letterhead utility where all users in a firm can access a single letterhead template, as well as a utility which allows you to apply your firm’s default document style to any document.