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As a lawyer, you know that document creation is a time-consuming process that requires precision and accuracy. However, with XpressDox, you can streamline your document automation process and save time while enhancing your efficiency. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the features of XpressDox that every lawyer should know to revolutionize their document creation process.

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Easy Document Creation

With XpressDox, creating templates is a breeze, no matter how simple or complex they may be. The software blends the ease of low code with the strength of full code to assist you in creating templates. The Question function presents beginners with a low code interface to create their own templates quickly and easily. Experienced coders and template developers can access the Command Assistant with over 300 commands to create more advanced and complicated templates. The innovative and responsive authoring panes make it easier than ever to create templates and design interviews efficiently across various devices.

Efficient Interview Designing

XpressDox’s Interview Designer makes creating interviews simple and flexible. It lets you easily organize questions in the order you want with a straightforward drag-and-drop method. Group related questions for better clarity and adjust anything quickly without losing your work. This tool is designed to be user-friendly, so making changes on the fly is hassle-free.

The Interview Designer also brings in a visual editor, making it easy to customize how your interviews look. Change fonts, add titles, and insert notes right where you need them, all without needing complex tech skills. This means your interviews can look professional and be easy to follow, matching your brand’s style.

In short, the Interview Designer by XpressDox is all about making interview setup easy and efficient, from organizing questions to customizing the look. It’s a tool that helps you create better interviews with less effort.

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Effective Interview Execution

XpressDox’s user-friendly and adaptable interface, combined with its conditional logic, simplifies the interview process. You can effortlessly generate your document by answering the interview questions yourself. With XpressDox, you can also easily collaborate with other users or clients to complete the answers to interview questions. Additionally, you can utilize previously answered questions from other interviews to populate your new interview. XpressDox also allows you to automatically extract information from in-house or third-party systems to streamline the interview process.

Moreover, you can work together with your clients and other people by sending your custom interview via email and keeping track of their responses. You can personalize the look and feel of your interview to match your brand. A user-friendly dashboard helps you keep track of all your shared interviews. You can control who has access to your interview by resending it or deactivating it as needed. For added security, shared interviews are encrypted and can be protected with a password or PIN. You can also add more information to the interview at any time and receive a notification when it’s completed.

Ease of Access

If you love the comfort of effortless management, then you’ll love the XpressDox Cloud platform. It allows you to easily handle your interviews and templates. With this platform, you can create automated documents using any browser, whether you’re on the system or a recipient of shared interviews. All of your templates, documents, and data are securely stored and organized on one platform. You can control access rights to folders and system features for specific user groups with user permissions. Additionally, you can gain insight into how your template library is performing by pulling custom reports that show template assemblies, user activity, and the most popular templates. Best of all, you can do all this anywhere, anytime!


In a nutshell, XpressDox is one of the best document automation software on the market for lawyers. As a lawyer, you can improve your productivity, accuracy, and client service with this all-in-one solution. XpressDox allows you to easily create any template, design interviews efficiently, execute the interview, share your interviews via email, and access your templates from anywhere and at any time. With XpressDox, you can revolutionize your document generation process and enhance your law practice.

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Trusted by the largest and most respected firms in over 25 countries to power their document automation solutions.

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Increase efficiency & reduce costs with the world’s #1 document automation software for Word, Web & API

To learn more about XpressDox, visit our Learning Centre

Trusted by the largest and most respected firms in over 25 countries to power their document automation solutions.