Salesforce Integration

XpressDox Salesforce Integration

Access your Salesforce data from XpressDox Word or Web, or even run templates from within Salesforce

If you are need to use Salesforce data in your templates, XpressDox offers out of the box integration for Word Desktop, Web, or via the XpressDox API.

How to integrate Salesforce with XpressDox

When it comes to using Salesforce data in your templates, XpressDox is way ahead of the other systems on the market.

xpressdox salesforce integration

Benefits of Salesforce/XpressDox Integration

No software development required to integrate Salesforce data with XpressDox templates

Fast, scalable integration, efficient connection pooling

Avoid recapture time and prevent errors in data capture

Import Salesforce data into templates or merge templates from within Salesforce

Write data back to Salesforce (requires permissions)

Perform SOQL queries from XpressDox database connector