XpressDox Sets the New Benchmark in Document Automation

Already regarded by industry experts as the most powerful and flexible document automation software on the market, XpressDox ups the ante with its innovative new version 14 release. This represents an evolution of the software providing a completely redesigned user interface for Desktop and Web, powerful new features and more intuitive functionality.




Low Code and Full Code in a single product

Version 14 delivers a scaleable solution that provides a low code entry point for beginners and a sophisticated full code environment for expert users. The benefit of this is that beginners can start “easy” and graduate to more sophisticated commands as their knowledge grows. For large firms, it caters for highly-trained centralized template creation teams as well as “low-code” departmental or practice group templates. The best of both worlds!


Create a standard glossary of variable names for the entire firm

Firms can now create consistency by ensuring a standard glossary of variable names is available to the entire firm. This ensures that any template coders in the firm will use the same variable names in their templates, ensuring consistency and allowing data to be re-used across a range of templates.


Assemble templates direct to Outlook Email

Version 14 makes sharing interviews and documents much more efficient with a new Outlook email feature. Most communication today is via email. At present, users need to run the “email” template, then copy and paste the assembled text into Outlook, and then add the recipient and subject information. XpressDox v14 changes all this by enabling templates to be assembled direct to Outlook – and can even be sent automatically if preferred.


Save and launch templates to/from iManage, NetDocuments, SharePoint, OneDrive

The new software allows firms to integrate XpressDox into their existing file systems. While the XpressDox Cloud servers provide a great place to launch and save templates, documents, and datasets, large firms already have their own document management environment. XpressDox now caters for auto-naming and auto-saving to most DMS systems on the market.


Enhanced Conversion from HotDocs

The HotDocs converter which ships with XpressDox v14 now does an even better job of converting most HotDocs templates to XpressDox format. Highly complex HotDocs templates will still convert but require some editing afterwards.


Share questionnaires with external users/clients via email

Ideal for new client or new matter onboarding, this new feature makes it more efficient than ever to gather information from external users and clients. Internal and External users can collaborate on information capture, and data can be re-used to generate other templates, for example, an engagement letter.


Enhanced API for integration with other applications

XpressDox increases its lead on the field with the latest enhancements to its API functionality. Firms have the capability to launch XpressDox from within other applications, and even use the API to integrate with external data sources. XpressDox is ideal for large firms which have their own development resources, which ensures seamless integration with their existing technology environment.


Improved integration with DocuSign for easier e-signing

XpressDox version 14 makes it really easy to add signature points into templates so that when the document is assembled, all relevant signatory information is passed to DocuSign for e-signing workflow. Signatories are captured during the Interview process, which creates an envelope which is sent to your DocuSign account. You can even peruse the document and make edits before uploading it for e- signing. XpressDox makes it easy for all authorized users in the firm to benefit from the efficiency of digital signatures.


Enhanced notifications for assembly workflow

With version 14 it is even easier to notify any number of parties when an external (or internal) user assembles a template. For example, an anonymous user might complete a questionnaire on your website, and an email might be sent to the external user and another to a person or department in the firm.




Run templates on Word, Web or via API

XpressDox is way ahead in terms of deployment options. Run templates in Word or on the Web, or even from a third-party application using our API. On-prem or Cloud-hosted, you host or we host. Run templates on a PC, Mac or mobile device. With XpressDox, you can work in any environment you choose.


Embed questionnaires into portal or website

XpressDox makes it easy to embed an interview into a portal or website, and all commands in XpressDox are available in embedded interviews. On assembly, notify various parties captured at run-time via email, optionally allowing recipients to see the assembled document or not.


Powerful command library

XpressDox has over 300 document automation commands to choose from. Regardless of how you want to use document automation, XpressDox has all the functionality you need to achieve your objective.


Integration with data-sources for re-use of information

Another area where XpressDox is unparalleled is using information saved in other data-sources, for example, SQL Server, Excel, Access, ODBC databases, MySQL, Salesforce, and others. XpressDox includes this functionality as standard whereas some other providers charge additionally for this aspect.


If you’d like to find out why so many large firms are switching to XpressDox, or if you would like to discuss what is involved in switching products, please contact us to arrange a demonstration or meeting.

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Increase efficiency & reduce costs with the world’s #1 document automation software for Word, Web & API

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Trusted by the largest and most respected firms in over 25 countries to power their document automation solutions.

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Increase efficiency & reduce costs with the world’s #1 document automation software for Word, Web & API

To learn more about XpressDox, visit our Learning Centre

Trusted by the largest and most respected firms in over 25 countries to power their document automation solutions.